Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Everyone makes them. Or almost everyone. But do they work?…..

Everyone makes them. Or almost everyone. But do they work?
Chances are, you’ve made New Year’s Resolutions in the past. And while you may have started off year strong, I’m willing to bet that your resolutions didn’t go exactly as you planned.
But before you get too disappointed, think about it. It’s really just another day.

Is anything really going to change, just because the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve?

The truth is, you must make lifestyle changes to see permanent results.

Diets, “challenges”, and other temporary changes to the amount and type of food you eat are not good long term solutions. As soon as you revert back to your previous food and exercise habits, you will continue get your previous results. 
So what can you do?

The good new is that when you start a new habit, you can easily continue it for the whole year.  Even longer. However, this goes for good habits as well as bad ones.

Here’s another quote about habits:

“You don’t determine your future. You determine your habits, and your habits determine your future.” – Unknown

So try to resolve to start healthier habits in 2017.

Here are 3 easy tips for habits you can try to start in the New Year. Try them out and let me know how they work for you!!

  1. Don’t undermine your progress on weekends!!!

    • I know this one won’t be popular, but try to moderate your alcohol intake on the weekends.
    • Calories DO count on the weekends. I know it can be hard to make healthy food choices, but try to do your best. Your body will thank you for it.
  2. Pick healthier options when eating out

    • For example, instead of ordering pancakes at brunch, try an omelette and hash browns or potatoes
    • Or instead of getting fries with your burger, try another side that the restaurant may have. Depending on the place, they may have mashed potatoes or chili, both of which are healthier and will fill you up more than fries. Some places may have options that are even healthier. Don’t be afraid to explore!!!
  3. Try not to drink your carbs

    • I’m sure you’ve heard this everywhere, but drinking pop/soda is not doing your body any favors. Liquid sugar is even worse than regular sugar, because it goes into your bloodstream quicker. So try to drink more water instead!
    • If you have trouble drinking water because it doesn’t taste good, don’t worry. That was me a few years ago. What you can do is try to get a water filter to make water taste better. I use a Brita filter and my water tastes great. You can either keep the water at room temperature or in the fridge. If that still doesn’t work for you, and you really want something sweet, try some sugar-free flavor packs for water.

6 thoughts on “Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work”

  1. Those 3 tips were great and I’m guilty of all of them! I’m going to try to tackle one of them at a time and hopefully replace my bad habits with healthier ones. Thanks for this blog!

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  2. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, personally I hate them. I if New Year’s is what pushes you to make a resolution or a change in your life you a bound to fail. Changes regarding lifestyle need to come from within in order to work not the change to a new year. I feel like people also use New Years resolutions to put off things they should have done months ago, if you need an excuse to start something that is a lifestyle change it will never work.

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  3. You are right. I drink enough water, and eat a good diet. The abdominal fat that developed over a few decades is not easy to get rid of when you are in your 50’s.


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